Ninenet Company Limited | 10วิธีใช้แอปนามบัตรแทนกระดาษ

1. Scan with any app

When you meet someone, just present your digital business card and ask them to use any app to scan it. They will receive your digital business card and save it on their phones automatically.

2. Group your contacts conveniently

Grouping business cards for easy searching by YourQR. You can assign groups for each contact 

such as Vip, Customer, Friend, Family by selecting Contact > select the desired contact > select a proper group tag for that contact. After that you can easily search for a contact by Group name.

3. Scan and save paper business card

It helps you to save information on paper business cards. Just take a picture of a paper business card, then the Human AI system will save the resulting data as a digital business card. Selecting the camera icon on the Contact menu > take a photo of a paper business card > check the business card at Contact.

4. Easy to add Line contact on business card

After exchanging business cards; you'd prefer to contact the person using the Line app, just click on the Line icon from the YourQR app. No need to ask for Line ID anymore.

5. Search for a Line contact from a digital business card

(can remember the name, no confused) 

After contact information from a digital business card is saved, you can choose a method to reach your contact right away. For example, search for a contact’s name and then connect them with Line.

6. Changeable profile picture. 

You can edit the information at any time by yourself, just go to the edit profile page. 

The HR department can also create employee digital business cards and edit 

their information via YourQR platform website.

7. A history viewable QR Code scanning app

You can use YourQR app to scan varieties of QR Code such as questionnaires to enter various places, store promotions, a link to a wedding map, a link to apply for a seminar, etc. and save them as history as well. If it is a business card, it will be stored on the contact page immediately, but if it is another QR code, it will be stored on the history page. It enables you to view the QR code scanning history.  

8. Share in an online meeting 

Whichever online meeting you are attending; Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet; just open the 

YourQR app and go to the Name Card menu > click the Share button and that's it. Now, you can share business cards in online meetings. 

9. Searching QR link that has been scanned 

No matter what QR Code has been scanned, you can go back and view the history on the history pageand you can also search for links. Categorised into types of links that have been scanned such as Line, Facebook, Web. Searching can be done by type or by name in the search box.

10. Editing information on business cards without reprinting it

You don't have to print new business cards every time you change your resignation or phone number. Even with people whom you’ve already exchanged digital business cards with; If any day they also change their information; you don’t need to re-exchange business cards. Because all information will be updated immediately by YourQR platform.

For organisations looking for a way to switch from paper business cards to digital business cards,

please contact us for more details at Line @YourQR or call 096-929-2629

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